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The easy to use, revolutionary smart basketball that profiles your shooting. Automatically identify makes, misses and swishes. Track everything including shot distance, heat map, consistency, shot situation (relaxed, dribble and off the pass shots), quickness, release angle, spin rate, tilt angle of spin axis, shooter identification, multi-ball support and more!

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SIQ Basketball is easy to use all you need is your phone and the ball:

  1. Download the app
  2. Login and enter your name and height
  3. Subscribe
  4. Spin the ball to start shooting


  1. Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Open the app

    Login by typing in your email address and pressing Login. We will then send a link to your email. You will have to open the link in the same device in which the app is installed. Please note that the email delivery may take a few minutes and the email may end up in your junk mail. Luckily you don't need to login very often.

    If you have a Gmail account, you can login simply by pressing the Google button. With Google login, no email confirmation is needed.

    Once at the Profile screen, enter your name and height. This reveals the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

    Once you click Shoot in the navigation menu, you are taken into the activation screen to activate your subscription.

  3. The subscription is activated by pressing Subscribe button. Then, you will enter the familiar In-App Purchase sequence provided by Apple or Google, accordingly.

  4. Once the subscription is successfully completed, the app is ready to go.


SIQ Basketball detects and tracks your shooting when you play basketball. You can take any kind of shot (catch and shoot, off the dribble, or relaxed shot like a free throw) and the ball even classifies the shot into those categories. The ball is based on leading edge machine learning algorithms that detect and analyze your shots. The accuracy of the shot detection algorithm is over 99%, which is an achievement of which we are very proud.

However, just counting your shot attempts only tells that you are practicing, but it is not enough to track your progress. The ball classifies your shots into makes and misses by analyzing the interaction between the ball and the hoop. The accuracy of the shot classification is over 95%, which more than enough to evaluate your progress.

Tracking your makes and misses does not tell the whole story about the reliability of your shot. For example, a shot that hits nothing but the net is more likely to go in than a shot that bounces on the rim. You can increase the chances of making your shot by aiming at the center of the hoop and putting enough arc into your shot. The ball counts your swish percentage to tell you how many of your makes hit the sweet spot. The higher the swish percentage, the more reliable your shot.

There are a few requirements for you to get most out of your SIQ Basketball:

• You need a regulation height basket
• You need a proper and unbroken net
• You need to place the phone within 30 meters or 90 feet of the ball

Finally, there are some known situations that may lead to unexpected results:

• Airballs might go undetected (as they look a lot like lob passes)
• Shots that hit the front of the rim and graze the net might be classified as makes
• Shots that bounce on the rim for more than two seconds
• Sloppy bounce passes can cause false detections
• Some layups and dunks might still go undetected, but we are working on it!


SIQ Basketball app can tell you where you make your shots and where you miss. Knowing where you can make your shot is important tool for selecting your shot. Coaches rarely bench you if you take shots from those spots where you normally make them.

To collect your shot locations, you need to calibrate the basket. To calibrate a basket, please select AROUND WORLD module and take twenty shots from five different spots totalling 100 shots altogether.

After the session the app automatically calibrates the basket to your shooting style. In case the calibration fails, you are informed and you should review the instruction video to get all the details right.

After a successful calibration, you can start shoot again with SHOOTAROUND module and after the session, you'll be asked which calibration to apply. Again don't worry if you make a mistake. You can always recreate the heat map.

It is normal to have some variation in the shot locations, as it depends on your shot consistency among other things, so don't worry about that.

The overall accuracy of your heat map keeps improving while you keep working on your shooting.


SIQ Basketball tracks every shot you take and analyzes the underlying shot mechanics. When you are shooting, your arms, body, and legs move to get the ball flying towards the basket. We measure this shooting motion in your every shot.

In order to bring the results of your shooting practice into real games, your shot mechanics should always be the same. Therefore, the ball measures the consistency of your shot so that you can tell whether your practice has led to repeatable results.

During your shootout, we measure your overall shot consistency. It is graded between 10 and 4, where 10 is perfect, indicating that your every shooting motion is equal in all of your shots.

After the session, you can slice and dice your shot consistency for the different shooting situations and shot distances. You may have perfect shot consistency on free throws but your shot motion might break down when you start taking shots off the dribble or closer to the three point line. Then, you will have to practice keeping your shooting motion the same in all circumstances and distances.

This is important if you really want to make that crucial shot, when you are tired and the game is on the line.


The SIQ app recognizes the situation you took your throw from. Practice as you wish, and the app will recognize whether you took your throw without transport, directly from the feed, or calmly as a free throw. You can view your throws in different situations in the summary view by pressing the Filter button in the upper right corner. 

Please note that you can also feed the ball to yourself by spinning it and we will classify it correctly as a pass. If you throw directly from the rebound, it is also classified as a pass.


The SIQ smart ball measures the speed of your throw. There are several ways to measure the throw speed, but we put the clock running when you take over the ball and stop when the ball leaves your hand towards the basket. The throw speed is measured regardless of the throw situation, ie directly from the feed, transport or when calmly throwing.


SIQ Basketball tracks every shot you take even when shooting or playing with friends or teammates. We all know that practicing is hard work especially on your own. But sometimes you have a friend with you and we want you to be able track your shots without your friend messing up your precious stats.

Your shot mechanics create a unique fingerprint that can used to determine that it was you who took the shot. This fingerprint is created automatically using artificial intelligence after you have taken 500 shots. And your fingerprint will be updated along the way as your skills improve, so don't worry about tuning your shot mechanics. We call this Shooter Identification.


Combining multiple balls is easy. After connecting the first ball, press the ball icon at the top right of the screen. When the icon turns white, the app is ready to connect the next ball. You can connect up to four balls.

Once you have connected another ball, my player icon will appear at the top left of the screen. You can press the icon to change the grouping of throws during the session. If there are more than one thrower in a session, the throws are split between the throwers regardless of which ball the player throws. In the session summary, throws are always distributed based on throwers.

Pay attention. In order to use this ball, you need to download the SIQ app on the App Store here or on the Google Play here.

the price is 8,99€/month. You can buy the membership here

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