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Numbers on jerseys big (20-25cm)


Big numbers on the back of your jerseys

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Moyens de paiement multisafepay

Set of 12 little numbers for chest and 12 big numbers for the back of the jerseys.

Dimension of the numbers: 10 cm on the chest and 20 cm on the back.

How to do:

* Just order the jerseys you want and put them in your basket.Commandez les vareuses et placez les dans votre panier.

* Go to "Download" tab just on your right and download the file :"num maillot face et dos"

* Fill in the fill witht the numbers and the sizes of jerseys you want and save this file on your computer.

* Go then on the "Product customisation" tab and download the excell file you just saved from your computer and that's it.

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