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The Speed Web was designed to improve footwork, agility, and explosive movements with six customizable hexagonal rings. Configure the web in a variety of speed ladder patterns, or hurdles with easy to connect clips. Their durable build can be used on most surfaces, including grass, turf and tracks. Its compact size lets you fold up and store anywhere.

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Moyens de paiement multisafepay
  • Improve footwork, agility and explosive movement in game like patterns
  • Hexagonal rings with easy connect clips for customizable training layouts
  • Rings can be used as a speed ladder or stand up together to create a hurdle
  • Durable build to use on any surface, including grass, turf and tracks
  • Set includes 6 hexagonal rings and 4 connect clips
Hauteur1 cm
Largeur50 cm
Longueur55 cm
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