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The RipCup is designed to screw onto the RipCone v2, creating a suction cone that can perform unlimited training tasks.

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  • Perfect your finishing touch

 By sticking RipCups on the backboard, players can take away parts of the backboard to work on their angles, or create accountability for height and touch on their finish. Best yet, the RipCup’s powerful and incredible long-lasting suction to the backboard will hold up against contact, rep after rep.

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  • Designed to create off-hand contact

Just stick the RipCup to the floor, and you have a cone that can be hit and even pulled against with the off-hand, simulating off-hand movements and forcing low hip and shoulder levels during training.

  • Create a target for passing accuracy


The RipCup’s “stick” is so powerful, it can even be used to train pinpoint passing accuracy.

  • Place hold the ball for shooting breakdowns

Want to work on moving without the ball into shots? Just stick the RipCup to the floor and place the basketball on the bottom of the RipCone and get moving.

  • Simulate helpside defense complications


Whether you are playing 1-on-1, 3-on-3 or any type of game play, the use of multiple RipCups can simulate helpside defensive pressure and force players to get more creative with their finishing and decision making.


Hauteur24 cm
Diamètrebase: 19cm - top: 4cm
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