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Infrared sensing technology  Vertical Jump system

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The Brower Vertical Jump is an intuitive way to measure an athletes jump performance. Giving you instant height measurements so you can quickly test a high volume of athletes. No more counting sticks or cheating the pad.

Easily and accurately measure up to 5 athletes per minute. With its infrared sensing technology athletes can quickly set their reach then measure their jump height.

0.2 inches (0.5 mm) jump resolution.

48” height allows for a wide range of athlete sizes without the need for adjusting the unit’s position.

Measures every jump, not just the highest.

Large detection area, 10 inches deep by 4 inches wide.

With the included clamps the Brower Vertical Jump can quickly be attached to backboards and doors or used with a stand. It can also be mounted to walls for a more permanent installation.

Measures vertical jump by subtracting an athlete's standing reach from each vertical jump

Instant feedback. Button for average and best jump memory recall

Self test, no operator required

High throughput, measures 5 athletes per minute

48” detection zone allows for wide height range of athletes without the need for adjusting the unit’s position

High accuracy, 0.1 inches (0.25 mm) jump resolution

Measures every jump, not just the highest

Touchless operation, does not wear out with use

Large detection area, 8 inches deep by 4 inches wide. More likely to measure maximum height than mechanical devices

Portable quick clamp mounting system can be mounted on backboards, doors or weight lifting racks. Can also be permanently mounted to walls

Long battery life: over 4500 jumps. Uses three AA batteries
3 modes of operation: vertical jump, calibrated reach, and height from floor Optional radio link to Brower Timing TC system
Limitations: will not operate in direct sunlight
Ships in reusable protective tube. Shipping weight: 12 lb.

Largeur25 cm
Poids6 kg
Piles3 piles AA requises
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