Set of 6 stakes for basketball blazepods kit Expand

Set of 6 stakes for basketball blazepods kit



Set of 6 blaze pods stakes with heavy bases

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Home made kit for funny ball handling and basketball trainng. Made for blazepod kit. (not included)

With a 70 cm hight (+/- 28 inch) this kit allows you to make alle kind of driblling exercices. You can put for exemple the 6 stakes in a circle, put the pods on the stakes and ask 2 blayers to come in the center of the circle with a ball each. Give each a color of blazepod. Launch the pods program with both color to lignt on ramdomly. Each player has to hit this color's pod as quick as possible while driblling. As the play has to concentrate on the pods, he cannot look at his ball. This is a very funny excercises to improve the dribbling without looking at your ball.

Set includes:

  • 6 rubber base of 1,3kg eah for a good stability
  • 6 stakes of +/- 70 cm (31inch) each with a painted mdf wood to put your pods

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